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Benefits of proton therapy

Proton therapy is the most advanced and precise type of radiation treatment for many types of cancers.

It is also one of the most promising cancer therapies ever developed. With minimal radiation exposure of healthy tissues compared to other cancer treatments, proton therapy potentially reduces the risk of secondary cancers and improves the patients' quality of life. Today, 20%* of radiation therapy patients could benefit from proton therapy, and improve their well-being and often outcome.

* Source: Alcimed study, "Understand, quantify and improve patients' access to Proton Therapy in the USA and Europe", November 2017

Photon-based Radiotherapy
Proton Therapy
Proton Therapy

What are the benefits of proton therapy?

Minimizes radiation exposure of healthy tissues.

Lower integral dose per treatment.

May improve the patients' quality of life.

Potentially reduces the risk of secondary cancers.

Widens the possibility of retreatment and reradiation for patients with recurring forms of cancer.

Medical Indications

Proton therapy is considered to be the most advanced radiation treatment for many forms of cancer. About 20%* of radiotherapy patients could benefit from it and it is already used to treat multiple forms of cancers. It is particularly appropriate when treatment options are limited or present unacceptable risks and short to long-term side effects to the patient.

* Source: Alcimed study, "Understand, quantify and improve patients' access to Proton Therapy in the USA and Europe", November 2017

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The compact proton therapy system transforming cancer treatment

Proton therapy is the most advanced radiotherapy treatment in existence, delivered using the most powerful medical device. By harnessing the specific physical characteristics of protons, proton therapy minimizes radiation exposure to healthy surrounding tissues, potentially leading to fewer side effects than traditional radiotherapy.

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