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IBA has demonstrated its technological leadership in the development of tools, techniques and product features in proton therapy. Understanding the challenges of clinical treatment, IBA designed the system and features to optimize the overall treatment quality for each specific PT case. With the IBA technology, the users will have the flexibility to customize treatment plans and maximize the clinical benefits of Proton Therapy.


Designed by users for users

Proteus® has been inspired by everyday clinical practice. Through day-to-day interactions with the community, IBA is perfectly positioned to understand, and invest in, the user’s needs. These investments are directly translated into benefits for the patients. The Proteus® design enhances the patient experience by fostering a soothing environment while making the medical staff’s daily practice safer and easier.

Shaping the future of Proton Therapy

IBA PT- Technology - Motion management

Motion management

Treating patients with confidence


Treating moving targets with confidence has always been a challenge and kept patients who needed proton therapy away from it.

IBA has worked toward an integrated solution to treat those patients with more confidence by providing features that enhance the treatment workflow.

IBA PT- Technology - ConformalFLASH


Maximizing the true benefit of proton FLASH


FLASH is a key research area that may dramatically improve the clinical relevance of proton therapy for patients around the world. IBA is very well positioned to drive the development of FLASH irradiation, the next major innovation expected in radiation therapy.

IBA is investing heavily in developing a novel technique using the Bragg peak called ConformalFLASH®. IBA’s strategy to take FLASH today from research to a clinical version of ConformalFLASH® will take into consideration the radiobiology, clinical safety, and future streamlined workflow for FLASH.

* ConformalFLASH® is a registered brand of the IBA’s Proton FLASH irradiation solution currently under research and development phase. It will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.


 IBA PT- Technology - DynamicARC


Faster, Simpler, Sharper


IBA is developing a new delivery technique called DynamicARC® proton therapy. It allows dynamic irradiation while the gantry is rotating, with the advantages of both Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) and Bragg Peak but without the exit dose.

DynamicARC® Proton Therapy is being developed with the aim to deliver faster, easier and potentially sharper proton therapy treatments.

* DynamicARC® is a registered brand of the IBA’s Proton Arc therapy solution currently under research and development phase. It will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.

Did you know?

Around half of the proton therapy centers in

the world are powered by IBA

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between photon and proton radiation therapy?

Photon therapy uses x-rays. The maximum radiation dose is delivered at the surface of the body, then into the tumor, and through the body.

In proton therapy, the high dose region of the beam (i.e. the Bragg peak) is defined by the energy of the beam and can thus be tailored to the position of the tumor.. With proton therapy, the dose of protons is deposited over a narrow range of depth, with minimal entry and exit dosesdose to healthy tissues.

What is Proteus®?

Proteus® is a range of proton therapy treatment systems which can treat diverse and complex tumors with a targeted, image-guided and intensity-modulated beam. To know more about Proteus, consult our dedicated page.

What is the main benefit of proton therapy?

Proton therapy is a more targeted course of cancer treatment compared to traditional radiotherapy. It focuses on the tumor while minimizing the damage to surrounding healthy tissues. To learn more about the benefits of PT, browse through our dedicated page.

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