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The compact proton therapy system transforming cancer treatment

Proton therapy is the most advanced radiotherapy treatment in existence, delivered using the most powerful medical device. By harnessing the specific physical characteristics of protons, proton therapy minimizes radiation exposure to healthy surrounding tissues, potentially leading to fewer side effects than traditional radiotherapy.

Help your patients 
keep everything but cancer

ProteusONE helps eligible cancer patients benefit from the exceptional clinical advantages of proton therapy over traditional radiotherapy, by precisely targeting the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy surrounding tissues.1,2 This helps preserve life beyond treatment, keeping everything but cancer.

Fewer adverse events, favorable quality of life and positive patient outcomes are some of the benefits of proton beam therapy.1-3 Its long-term positive impact is particularly beneficial for pediatric cancer patients or patients with complex cases of brain, head and neck or lung cancer, with irregular tumor anatomy and important sensitive organs-at-risk (OARs) that need to be preserved.3,4

Pioneering precision medicine with ProteusONE


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ProteusONE is an accessible, state-of-the-art proton therapy solution that is easy to install, integrate, operate and finance. Discover how ProteusONE can help elevate the clinical capabilities of your cancer center and provide advanced cancer treatment opportunities to every eligible patient.

  • Create the future of proton therapy innovations

    Grow and innovate alongside leading proton therapy centers and enhance your reputation by incorporating ProteusONE as an advanced clinical modality of your cancer therapy arsenal. More sustainable than previous generations, ProteusONE helps treat more eligible patients with lower environmental impact. Its scalable design, versatility and readiness for future innovations - like DynamicARC® and ConformalFLASH® therapy* - provide unmatched long-term value for the next 20+ years, so investing now means continuing to excel in the future.

    ProteusONE 2 gantries
    ProteusONE scalable proton beam irradiation system
  • Elevate your center’s clinical capabilities

    From routine to research, ProteusONE’s high modularity allows you to select the best configuration for your radiation oncology department: precise dose delivery with proton beam scanning (PBS) and dimensionally accurate cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for image guided intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) as well as open gantry configuration supporting non coplanar treatment fields including vertex beams. Our cutting edge, clinically advanced technology helps improve time and quality during daily operations through its LINAC like workflow, streamlined quality assurance process and open choice of preferred ancillary partners** for optimal integration.

    TMUH Treatment Control Room TCR
    ProteusONE user verifies system setup and patient treatment plan before irradiation. Courtesy of Taipei Medical University Hospital – Proton Therapy Center, Taiwan
  • Change the lives of patients and staff

    ProteusONE’s precision helps spare critical organs and preserve a patient’s quality of life during treatment and beyond. The open-gantry configuration and the Philips Ambient Experience contribute to enhancing patient and staff satisfaction and working comfort. With a fast clinical ramp-up, staff can quickly gain confidence when using ProteusONE, helping them do more for their patients with this cutting-edge system. Additionally, the radiation oncology department could also benefit from a positive halo effect of an increased number of referred and treated patients, and more proton therapy-related research projects and grant opportunities. 5

    Leuven - Patient preparation
    Patient-staff interaction enhanced with ProteusONE

User testimonials

Lane Rosen
Director at Radiation Oncology
Willis Knighton Cancer Center

Having the ProteusONE has changed the entire way we approach a patient. At the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center in Shreveport, LA, we wanted to offer the latest form of proton therapy, pencil beam scanning, while taking advantage of advances in image guidance and remaining within the budget of our hospital system. We needed assurances that our partner had experience in designing, installing, and maintaining a proton therapy facility but also had the financial strength to invest in research and development for the future. IBA has continually demonstrated innovation in the field of proton therapy and they were chosen for their unique ability to meet our department needs.

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key benefits 

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Full 360° open access environment to ease patient setup, treatment and anesthesia

Full 360° open access environment to ease patient setup, treatment and anesthesia

Ambient Experience to support patient comfort and decrease anxiety

Ambient Experience to support patient comfort and decrease anxiety

Unique instantaneous oblique imaging at isocenter, available all the time

Unique instantaneous oblique imaging at isocenter, available all the time

Large field of view CBCT at isocenter

Large field of view CBCT at isocenter

Unmatched interoperability with your choice of ancillary partners

Unmatched interoperability with your choice of ancillary partners

AI-powered maintenance targeting 100% uptime

AI-powered maintenance targeting 100% uptime

DynamicARC & ConformalFLASH-capable

DynamicARC® & ConformalFLASH®-capable*

Pure PBS beam with clinically relevant field size to treat all PT indications

Pure PBS beam with clinically relevant field size to treat all PT indications

Remote & wireless operations to increase speed and staff comfort

Remote & wireless operations to increase speed and staff comfort

Flat gantry floor for easy access to the patient, anytime

Flat gantry floor for easy access to the patient, anytime

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IBA’s leadership in proton therapy#


patients treated with Proteus advanced technology


of all patients treated with IBA proton therapy equipment worldwide


proton therapy treatment centers installed and in development


proton therapy treatment rooms


years of leadership in the field


CBCT : cone-beam computed tomography

IMPT : intensity-modulated proton therapy

LINAC : linear accelerator

OARs : organs-at-risk

PBS : proton beam scanning

PT : proton therapy

ConformalFLASH® & DynamicARC® are registered brands of IBA’s Proton Therapy which are currently under research and development. ConformalFLASH® and DynamicARC® will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received. Due to a continuous research and development program, IBA reserves the right to make changes in design, technical descriptions, and specifications of its products without prior notice. Some features are under development and may be subject to review by competent authorities. 

For example OIS, TPS, Surface Guidance systems. For more information, please contact your IBA representative.

PTCOG & IBA data - September 2023


  1. Baumann BC, et al. Comparative Effectiveness of Proton vs Photon Therapy as Part of Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Cancer. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(2):237-246.
  2. Mohan R and Grosshans D. Proton therapy - Present and future. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2017;109:26-44.  
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  4. Hu M, et al. Proton beam therapy for cancer in the era of precision medicine. J Hematol Oncol. 2018;11(1):136.
  5. Remick J, et al. The downstream “halo” effect of a proton therapy center on an academic medical center. Int. J. Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys. 2018;102(3S);E427. TU_11_3001

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