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A real partnership, every step of the way

We're not only a provider, we're a partner.

At IBA, we know that in order to start, maintain and grow a proton therapy center, you need an experienced partner who is there for you every step of the way. Our services provide you with the necessary expertise, confidence, training and support to make sure your proton therapy center is successful from the very beginning.

Business plan & financing

IBA can assist you with the development of your business plan, with the structuring of your financing and in the search for financiers. IBA aims to walk alongside you as you work through the steps of building your financial plan.


Validated business plan assumptions

Financing options

Search for financial partners

Consultance training team

Building & installation

We build your proton therapy center in your own way.

IBA has set more records for the fastest installations than any other proton therapy provider. We understand that getting your system set up quickly means an earlier start in treating patients and providing your community with leading-edge cancer care. While the actual timeline may vary depending on your project, IBA has repeatedly managed to install Proteus® first rooms in less than 12 months.

Building & project management

Business plan & financing proficiency

Design & building expertise

On time installation

Training Excellence

Operations & maintenance

Assist in acceptance & commissioning

Support first patient & ramp-up

Ensure continued treatment


Start treating patients while keeping up to date.

Because training, transparency and collaboration are cornerstones of a high-performing proton therapy center, IBA has created a comprehensive training and education program, so that your clinical staff can carry out safe and effective proton therapy treatments from day one, while remaining up to speed with the latest developments and techniques.

We have the expertise to accompany you in the different phases of your project setup

Online courses with renowned international speakers

Hands-on trainings with state-of-the-art equipment and institutions

Expert workshops on the future of proton therapy

Open an exclusive access to our Campus platform , the largest proton therapy knowledge community

Commission & acceptance


Throughout this process, IBA is providing support from a dedicated expert team of application specialists. This team can support you on the acceptance tests, on the commissioning data collection, testing and validation. As well as on your quality assurance program.

Dedicated team of application specialists

Standard acceptance tests

Quality assurance program

First patient & ramp-up

IBA takes a hands-on approach during the ramp up phase and uses our past experiences with our numerous clinical centers to develop a dedicated support program for the ramp up phase. This includes: patient recruitment help, national marketing package, additional education of referrers, collaboration with existing IBA centers for QA validation, and quality system checks, treatment plans validation and other areas of support.

First patient & ramp-up

Developing a proton therapy practice at Beaumont,

Craig Stevens
Chair of Radiation Oncology
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak


You focus on your patients, we take care of the rest.

For IBA, system uptime is more than just a target. Our reliable service team ensures your proton therapy center is always fully operational and updated. We provide support teams, spare parts, and effective processes to ensure full maintenance and performance of our technology at all time.

Use of AI and big data for predictive maintenance

24/7 worldwide helpdesk support

Use of big data for predictive maintenance

Experts and spare parts hubs in every region worldwide


IBA leaves no client behind. We know that providing proton therapy treatment is not simply a matter of installing the ultimate technology. We are also committed to keeping our clients’ systems up to date, some of which have been with us for more than two decades. Because technology changes quickly, IBA provides upgrade packages that are tailored to the unique configuration of your proton therapy center. You can integrate major enhancements into your system and keep up to date with new functionalities and improved performance.

Proven track record of successful upgrades

Proactive lifecycle management

Upgradable to future clinical and technological capabilities


My Experience with IBA

Mark Pankuch
Director of Medical Physics
Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center
These services combined with IBA’s unique proton therapy technology will allow you to treat your first patient faster than any other proton therapy solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main services offered by IBA?

IBA helps you with the project research and management, the installation of your PT center, the maintenance support and services, the training and retraining of your staff and the upgrading and updating of your PT center

  How does IBA ensure a high level of customer services?

IBA works in partnership with its clients to follow them every step of their journey towards the installation, the running and the constant updating of their PT center.

How does IBA services benefits their business partners?

IBA’s customers are treated as real partners and we cooperate with all our centers and their staff to make sure every single proton therapy center installed by IBA keeps running at the very best of its capacities, year after year.


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