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Proteus®' versatility will allow you to rise to the challenge of treating a broad array of complex cancer conditions and to expand the institution´s potential to advance cancer care. Proteus will provide your team with the latest advances in precise, image-guided, and intensity-modulated proton beam delivery. It will enable your clinicians, to offer new treatment options to patients and investigate new protocols and retreatment opportunities. 

IBA has an open vendor approach to always include and integrate the best and most advanced new developments.

Superior patient workflow

Superior patient workflow

IBA has designed its Proteus® systems with optimized patient flow in mind. Enhanced workflow for higher patient throughput, safety, and comfort is a key feature of Proteus®. Full remote operation streamlines workflow and allows the therapists to perform all set-up and treatment tasks directly from the control room.

Stay at the cutting edge of technology

IBA’s product roadmap aims at shaping the future of proton therapy, intending to augment the potential of proton therapy in terms of therapeutic gain, ease of use, and/or benefit-cost ratio. IBA continues its commitment to developing clinically relevant innovations designed to improve patient treatment in partnership with its users. 

Proteus offers a proven and “upgradable” platform allowing users to constantly remain at the cutting edge of the technology over the 30-year life of the system. Through upgrade packages, users can integrate major enhancements and secure their performance with the latest technology to ensure patients can receive the most current and effective proton therapy treatment.

Stay at the cutting edge of technology
Business excellence

Business excellence

With 35 years’ experience, IBA is the world leader in its field. It boasts the largest number of operating sites, rooms and field teams in the industry, as well as robust and updated processes. IBA continues to improve its cross-functional programs to make its Proteus systems more stable, easy to manufacture, quick to install and effective to operate and maintain.

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