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Designed for clinical excellence and the most advanced patient care, Proteus® is a versatile proton therapy system. It will allow your oncology center to treat a broader range of tumors more safely and effectively. With Proteus®, your team will deliver an up-to-date and efficient proton beam therapy to a growing patient base. Its precise, image-guided, and intensity-modulated beam makes it a unique proton therapy solution for leading cancer centers around the world. Its cutting-edge features can be tailor-made to meet the research and clinical needs of your institution while helping eligible cancer patients get treated with fewer long-term side effects.

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Think big, scale smart

Proteus®ONE is IBA’s single-room proton therapy solution. It is a compact technology that is easy to install, integrate, operate and finance. It is also scalable, so you can expand over time. Proteus®ONE focuses on patient comfort and accessibility while delivering the most clinically advanced form of proton radiation therapy. Thanks to pencil beam scanning, it minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue. It also uses image guidance with embedded x-ray obliques and CBCT imaging at isocenter. Proteus®ONE can be easily expanded by adding additional systems at the same or different location. This option provides full system redundancy and flexibility to expand your operational capacity where and when it is needed without any interruption to the clinical use of your first system.Proteus®ONE is the comprehensive proton therapy solution that will fit your center and help your patient get better, today and tomorrow.

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With more than 30 years experience in proton therapy installation, running, maintenance and patient care, IBA offers the best-in-class services in its field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are IBA proton therapy technologies compatible and integrated with TPS and OIS suppliers.

IBA proton therapy technologies are comprehensive systems, which means that they can be fully integrated with TPS and OIS solutions. Click here to learn more about our fully compatible solutions.

How does IBA make a difference as a PT provider?

IBA doesn't only offer PT machinery. It works in partership with cancer centers to provide the best advice, installation, technologiy and services on the market. Read more about IBA's services and technologies.

Know more about proton therapy's efficiency

Protong therapy is indicated in an increasing number of types of tumors. To know more about proton therapy therapy's efficiency and indications, consult our pages on how to start a treatment and the different types of cancers in which oncologist choose proton therapy as a first-choice treatment.

How effective is proton beam therapy?

Proton therapy is the most advanced, precise, and effective type of radiation treatment for many types of cancers. With minimal radiation exposure of healthy tissues compared to other cancer treatments, it potentially reduces the risk of secondary cancers and improves the patients' quality of life.


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